This is definetly one of my favorite things to do.

Are you tired of looking at your bird cages sitting in your living spaces?

Your birdies would absolutely LOVE an aviary!

Find a furniture piece large enough, let me restore it.

You and your babies will be so happy!

An entertainment center, pieces removed, back removed.

Backing installed, trays and bird perches, toys and natural driftwood added.

Playground added to the top.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Another aviary project finished.

Perfect size and a storage drawer.

Birdie friends, get the word out!

Before I started.

The interior is 53 inches X 24 inches. Nice and roomy.

Inside wood is all natural driftwood, sanded smooth & sanitized.

Storage drawer and a shelf to separate birds or for nesting.

Each side has two beautiful wood platforms and a driftwood piece for chewing.

My NEXT aviary project is here and ready to start!

This one makes an EXCELLENT home for your serpent.

Both pieces have been SOLD.

"Peach", a cockateil, is very happy with her new bird house!

The doors slide inside, kept out of the way!