Here is where I can give you your personal image consultation and take action!
What color appeals to you for your hair?  What type of styling or amount of time do you want to invest in your home care?  Together we will make a game plan and accomplish what you love for your style.

Here us where you can have your nails manicured, with a one week, two week or possible three week polish finish using the  OPI, Vinylux, Shellac or Artistic Colour Gloss Gel nail products. Pedicures also available!

I can give you a personalized skin care analysis and recommendation for treatment and/or home care for your skin type  needs for healthy, smooth and vibrant skin!  It could be a micro dermabrasion or a mini-peel treatment to a “Cool Fresh Faced" facial!

I have hair smoothing treatments by CHI, Ear piercings services and  natural organic hair removal, I treat damaged hair with top shelf hair conditioning treatments.